Is it time to step back, breathe and listen to others?

So often you share something with someone else, and they don’t get where you are coming from and have a need (or so it seems) to tell you you are wrong, that is not the way things are, that is not the way to achieve what you want to achieve!

But who are we to do this to others, are we really right when we see the world in one way and others see it in another way.  Is it our responsibility to tell others they are wrong, or is it about simply accepting that we are all different, that we have experienced different things and that we live our lives in different ways and that is ok?

Think back to the last time someone was telling you about something they had done, the time when you thought they were crazy or really not “getting it” because youdon’t think or act the same way that they do.

  • Did you accept their perspective?
  • Did you take the time to look at things with an open mind?

Or did you jump straight in and tell them they were wrong, that that is not the way the world works, not the way to do things?

If you jumped in, what was the other persons response, did they thank you and agree or did they get upset, perhaps they got angry or maybe they jumped straight back at you to tell you, actually you were wrong?

Is this the reaction you want to get everytime you decide that you are the only one who knows how the world works and what people should, should nto do?

Or would you like to be able to have a conversation with someone who has differing views to you and to be able to take a step back, take a breath before jumping in and trying to force your opinion and believes on soeone else?

Maybe it is time for each of us to learn to take a breath, stop and listen, really listen to what someone else is saying to us, and see if we can see things from their perspective withotu making an instant judgement from our own perspective?